Hidden Factories

Hidden Factory

Hidden Factories are natural outgrowths of an organization trying to correct issues of poor quality by implementing a series of operational inefficiencies to “correct” the issue. These corrective activities become engrained into the Standard Operating Procedure of the firm and become “the way we do things at this agency.” When these types of rationalizations occur, you have mentally hidden the operation and consequently have created a drain on revenue that provides no real value to the client.  Continue reading

Spaghetti diagraming in the creative agency

Spaghetti Diagraming in the Creative Agency

A Spaghetti Map is a visual depiction of a physical work flow borrowed from the Lean Manufacturing world. Its primary function is to map, and subsequently revise, processes. By performing this exercise you will measure distance and duration, and more importantly, visualize the patterns your processes take.

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Visualize your workflow with swim lane diagrams

Swim lane diagram creative agency projects

The best way I have found to diagram a project’s work flow is through the swim lane diagram. The swim lane not only tells you the process in a sequential manner, it also indicates roles and responsibilities at each step. These diagrams are a great way to visually explain processes within the organization for both Project Managers and Traffic Managers alike.

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